YAz Krehbiel

artist statement

That’s one of my favorite things about painting outside from direct observation: the unintended gifts. There is always something that happens in the course of the painting that you had not foreseen. Those are the moments that you hope you are ready for and can make the most of. I almost always find the unplanned parts of the painting, the ones that emerge in the making of it, to be superior to the vision that I have at the outset. That type of experience happens in all kinds of painting and creative processes, but for me that’s really felt in the way the landscape changes, whether it’s from the movement of light through the course of an afternoon, or an atmosphere or mist that is unique to a certain day, or just the movement of clouds. I love all those things that are delicate and momentary, that have a sense of flux. There’s something about trying to chase the fleetingness of nature that can lend a sense of urgency to my work. It’s in those moments that I lose myself most completely.