tracey adams


California artist Tracey Adams studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, as well as the New England Conservatory of Music where she trained as a conductor and composer.  Her life has been devoted to exploring various forms of creation and expression. Even within the realm of visual art, she has spent decades experimenting with a wide-range of media and subject matter. Her most recent paintings and prints tend toward the abstract, combining large color fields with rhythmic lines and organic shapes. These contrasting elements are balanced in a range of compositional structures. In the looser and more fluid examples, the free form marks suggest elements of the natural world: cells, plant-life, and bodies of water. In other compositions, her marks may recall the treble clefs, bass clefs and staffs of sheet music.

As evident in her finished surfaces, Adams’ paintings are densely worked, the process for her being space of constant re-negotiation. Her thoroughness of her exploration is most apparent in her encaustic pieces, where she has used the melted wax that defines the labor intensive medium to create layer upon layer of luminous, textured color. There is a weight and density to these pieces that is nearly palpable. Her monoprints on paper, on the other hand, have a light and playful quality to them, the layering in this case taking on a thinner, more translucent appearance. Each of her paintings and prints provides a multitude of elements, shapes and gestures for the eye to take in. Fortunately, their logical organization makes this seemingly daunting process not only manageable but extremely captivating and pleasurable as well.