Terry Miura


Using subtle tonal variations in his palette and a strong sense of composition, Terry Miura’s tonalist landscapes explore the relationship between memory, emotions, and identity. He often paints en plein air with an approach that is open and painterly, focusing on the evocative and mysterious mood of his surroundings.  He is especially adept at capturing the ethereal effects of light, air, and atmosphere on the constantly changing landscapes.  

"Although they're still very much representational, my landscapes are not about specific locations, but more likely a combination of places, filtered through my memories.  While the plein air paintings are more or less true to what is actually out there, they are more about my responses to where I am and what I see, and never about making a visual record of what is in front of me.  I am more interested in the language of landscape painting, and how I might use it to explore emotions, memory and identity.  I’m looking for subtle emotional responses in my work and I’m perpetually trying to figure out what that trigger is.”  

With atmosphere, mood, and abstraction as driving characteristics of his work, Miura has, more recently been revisiting the complexities of the cityscape as a major part of his repertoire. Emotion and abstraction also carries over to his figurative works. It is in this genre that Miura finds most personal expression; “In painting the figure, I allow myself to get lost in the process and take more risks. Only by deconstructing the representational and the objective, am I able to tap into the more subconscious, intuitive voice which for me, is at once mysterious and authentic.”