Stephen Dinsmore

ARtist Statement

For me, painting means being always on the lookout for an image or idea that excites. A subject or something in nature grabs hold and I have to paint it. It sounds straightforward but it's nothing like a straight line. So many things count - the creamy light of late afternoon on landscape, the abstract beauty of marks on the side of a train car, new snow that reshapes all it touches, an interior filled with color and reverie, the riveting beauty of a vase of flowers, a fly fisherman in shadow, a disregarded corner of town. I try to make a painting that has in it at least something of the magic and mystery of the alchemy; the thing that excites. Something seen or remembered is the starting point.  From there, painting is a process of discovery and arrival. Nuance of tone, expression and the handling of materials are among elements key to the work. It is important that the finished painting has a visual "lastingness", such that the work continues to resonate over time. When you get it right, a painting has something of the divine – a vitality that is a marriage of color and light, mystery and joy, longing and beauty.