Richard Kooyman


Richard Kooyman’s landscape paintings are inspired by the natural world that surrounds his Northern Michigan studio.  His distinct style of realism uses subtle variations in light, tone and color to capture the changing seasons, shadows, and tree line of the Lake Michigan shore.  Working in both oil and gouache, his work evokes a timeless beauty with its smooth brushwork, heightened color and captivating sense of light. 

“My work focuses on the natural landscape, filling the canvas with color and brushwork that conveys both the beauty and the emotion of the landscape.  My paintings are of a particular place at a point in time, but they are also a means of seeing the world in an expansive way.  The writer James Joyce believed that the best art was that which 'grabs the viewer, and arrests them, and turns their focus outward from themselves.'  It is my hope that others seeing my work can focus their attention outward and become moved by the expansive beauty of both the natural environment and the painted surface.”