Lyle Gomes


Lyle Gomes’ delicate, ethereal black and white photographs are part of his long term study of the idealized landscape or locus amoenus. His subjects include parks, gardens, golf courses, cemeteries, and other man-made landscapes designed with balance and harmony as their guiding principles. In his work he adapts his 4 x 5 camera to create panoramic images that are at once mesmerizing, intimate and timeless. He often shoots his photographs in early morning fog when spaces are empty and a sense of peace and calm prevail.

Gomes work is part of a fifteen year study of idealized human made landscapes throughout Europe and the United States. His work has been supported by both a Fulbright Scholar Award in England and a Rockefeller Foundation residency in Bellagio, Italy and his book, Imagining Eden: Connecting Landscapes, is the result of this project.