Laurie Victor Kay

Artist Statement

“I am intrigued by enigma in a photograph.  I would like my images to be read, explored and experienced.  I believe a good picture is open to many interpretations. ….… In looking through an opening, whether a camera or one’s eye, the world is seen differently.”

My images are imbued by several art movements. You will find cubism, minimalism, pointillism, impressionism, color fields, and a touch of the surreal. Symbolism is also of importance to me. The depth of an image is something I continually manipulate. I intentionally blur to disorient and create a wash of color and light. And while children are not always present in my work, I have found that their influence has helped lead me to this way of seeing.

Within the Kaleidoscpoe series, everything is that which is not. The familiar is new. A space is but fractures. A part is turned. In looking through an opening, whether a camera or one's eye, the world is seen differently. Patterns change, at once creating an illusion. Images are only partially real and mostly imagined. Some are formal studies of shape and form. Other are fantastical dreams in which blurred people are twisted and turned to create new forms. “