John Schuyler


The focus of John Schuyler’s work is on texture created by different applications of paint and mixed media to his canvases.   His process includes layering, pouring, scraping off, and scratching into the surface, leaving traces of earlier information, and a build-up and overlap of successive stages.  The paintings reveal themselves slowly, asking the viewer to explore each successive layer underneath and to examine the relationship between space and depth, presence and absence.

"The biggest difference is my approach," says Schuyler. "Rather than undertake each painting with a predetermined idea of the outcome, I've started to let the pieces unfold on it's own and, as a result, the work has come to me a lot easier.  Ultimately and ideally", says Schuyler, "I hope each viewer takes away his or her own strong feeling from my work and that the pieces somehow resonate on an unconscious level with them".