Eleanor Miller

Artist Statement

Painting reflects my observation of nature, and the creatures that roam, swim and share this planet with us. The images that interest me discuss life’s continuing process and the mystery of its evolution. I think about how ancient the earth is and all that has been going on for thousands of years. There is a balance in the natural world that is driven by survival. Nothing in nature is arbitrary; everything has a purpose connected to survival and procreation of a species. I search for the balance in how we fit into this scheme in the modern world while we cohabitate with nature as one entity. 

My focus is on the big picture of our natural world and also on the small unseen things such as the dragonflies that skip over an obscure pond or the descending pods floating to the ground that remains invisible. These are all included in the dance. They are an integral part of our evolving world and serve a purpose in the scheme of things as much as the monumental natural occurrences. 

This work tells the story of these ideas and is integrated with my personal relationship to nature. My world sits amongst sprawling fields surrounded by dense woods and a big sky. Everyday I see something that amazes me and this is what directly affects my painting. As I see it, the natural world nourishes the human spirit and can heighten one’s sense of place.