Chris Honeysett

ARtist Statement

A great believer in the intuitive approach to learning, I’ve never taken a photography class. Instead, I’ve allowed my own natural interest in the medium (and voracious reading) to guide me. Ultimately, I believe, if you are passionate about something, you will find your way in it. I have followed this belief for as long as I can remember-I call it the school of trial and error. It is one school from which I hope never to graduate!

Many people ask me how I know when to photograph something; the truth is, I’m not sure. I ‘turn off” my intellect, and allow my visual sensibilities to wander freely. When I sense an awareness of shapes, light, and mood, I look for relationships between these elements. Magic occurs somewhere between my intrigue and the camera. I never know if something will end up on film as I see it in my mind’s eye; I can only apply my technique, and hope for the best.

As for the purpose of my work, I admit there is only one: to make images which interest me, and hopefully, impart some meaning to the viewer. I am not one to intellectualize art, and certainly not my own. I believe that photography is a visual language and, as such, requires no words. There are number of subjects to which I find myself drawn over and over again: trees, passageways, clouds, and barns. And after more than two decades of image-making, I have only recently realized that what unites all of my images is an overriding feeling of contemplation. My voice is a quiet one, and expresses itself in the mysterious and slightly eerie spaces of nature. This intrigue sparks my desire to journey further.

And so my work is not about place. It is about the greater world-at-large, as reflected in the inner world of contemplation. In this manner, the voice in my photographs remains the same-one of quiet searching along the road of my visual journey.