Bernd Haussmann


Massachusetts’ artist Bernd Haussmann’s abstract oil and mixed media paintings are built up layer by layer using varied hues and imagery.  Organic forms transcend his textured color fields hinting at something deeper beneath the surface.  Scratches and scrapes throughout his compositions reveal the underlying surface and layers – representing in his mind information and experiences accumulated over a lifetime.  His paintings, though decidedly abstract, represent his intense concern for the natural world and are often saturated with colors found in nature.   

Haussmann often describes his work as “environmental art.” Through his artistic practice, he seeks to explore subjective environments, and to test “how the spiritual, material, cultural, and natural environments influence those subjective environments and vice versa; if and how they meet, connect or overlap; and if and how art can connect and stimulate interaction.”  He further writes about his work, “What is important to me is sharing my thoughts and beliefs, and keeping an eye on the cultural and political and social environment as our earth progresses.  I want to show the intensity of connection that you experience outdoors and hope to make people more sensitive and more aware of the fragile world that surrounds us.”